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BC Law Magazine contributing artists and writers.

Joshua Dalsimer

Photographer Dalsimer’s professional career started at age sixteen, not with a camera but with a pair of drumsticks, when he set off touring with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Later, he discovered another creative outlet, photography. Clients include Fast CompanyInc., and Outside. He always takes some time to get to know his subject, and in this instance, it was Ellyn Hurd ’01. He was delighted to discover that they both grew up in Massachusetts. He photographed her in his New York studio for this issue’s cover story, “A Tough Pill to Swallow.”

Jeri Zeder

Writer Zeder is a frequent contributor to BC Law Magazine. Her feature on what it takes to represent whistleblowers highlights the legal craftsmanship of Phil Brewster ’03 and the harrowing risks involved in the important work of calling out wrongdoing (“The Weight of the Whistle”). Also in this issue is her coverage of new faculty research that expands our knowledge of Robert Morris (1825-1882), Boston’s first African American lawyer, including why he deserves recognition as a founding father of Boston College (“His Name Was Robert Morris”).

John W. Tomac

Illustrator Tomac spent a dozen years as a designer and art director and now works primarily as an illustrator. Among his clients are the New Yorker, PoliticoNew York TimesTIME, and Washington Post. He has been been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, American Illustration, among others. For this assignment, he created an Atlas-like figure holding up a giant whistle instead of the world to suggest that whistleblowers have to shoulder a large burden when they come forward (“The Weight of the Whistle”).

Brendan McKinnon

Writer McKinnon is a Boston-based attorney, 2019 BC Law graduate, and a frequent contributor. He previously served in the US Coast Guard and as an assistant district attorney. For this issue, he interviewed the founder and current leadership team at Veterans Legal Services about their critical work supporting veterans in Massachusetts (“Mullaney’s Bright Idea”). “I’ve been familiar with VLS since I was still on active duty,” he said, “but this was a great opportunity to learn how integral BC Law was to its creation and success.”