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Oh, the Stories They Tell

Inside the Winter 2022 issue of BC Law Magazine.

Photograph by Diana Levine

Wonders never cease. As the editor of a magazine reporting on the BC Law community, I come across miracles of all kinds, day in and day out: The remarkable deeds of alumni in all walks of the legal profession, the scholarly insights of the faculty, the inspiring lives and achievements of the students. Imagine trying to corral all of these marvels into two issues a year. Even now, with the additional year-round online magazine,, there is still not enough time and space to capture it all.

It’s a great challenge to have, though. Storytelling is how we come to understand each other, the nuances we’d miss otherwise, and the hows and whys that make the Law School community special. And that’s what these print and digital publications allow us to do: tell stories. 

When Phil Brewster ’03 reached out with news of a client’s involvement in an international money laundering investigation, it was an opportunity to explore what it’s like to represent a whistleblower, an attorney-client relationship that differs in many ways from other such collaborations. It opened a window onto the particular risks and challenges that both parties face and the courage they need to persevere. 

The evidence-gathering that Ellyn Hurd ’01 undertook for a massive opioid trial is another behind-the-scenes tale, this time about the workings of a landmark case. More than two years, hundreds of documents, two-dozen defendants. How did she do it? Did she even like doing it? What was the impact? The answers provide an understanding of the character and grit of a BC Law lawyer.

And wait until you read about what Sean Mullaney ’93 did thirty years ago that laid the foundation for Veterans Legal Services. His action started something that has engaged scores of Law School students and alumni in the support of military brethren over several decades.

Also in the spirit of collegiality and doing good, a team of colleagues, some of them Law School grads, have come together to establish a scholarship for BC Law students in the name of attorney Wayne Budd, MCAS’63, P’90, H’10. According to team member Steven Wright JD’81, the fund was conceived to perpetuate Budd’s inspiring legacy of mentorship, caring, and community-building.

So, there you have it, a few enticements to enter this issue. They are but a fraction of the things you’ll discover as you read about the lives and triumphs of those who share your law school history.

Vicki Sanders, Editor