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In the Field

Paths to Success

Alumni find career satisfaction in diverse places.

Kevin Bruen ’89

Pulling Rank: In June, he was confirmed as the 17th superintendent of the New York State Police (NYSP), where he previously served as both acting superintendent and first deputy superintendent. The Triple Eagle also did a stint as deputy commissioner and counsel of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. “Being general counsel at New York DOCCS was a great opportunity to lead fifty lawyers working on an incredible range of legal issues, everything from state-issued bonds to contract disputes to product liability.” Trigger Issues: “My biggest concern is the rise in gun violence, particularly in midsize to smaller cities, and the rapid growth in so-called ‘ghost guns,’ which are privately manufactured weapons from parts that do not have serial numbers and are untraceable.” 

Eben Krim ’01

Safe and Sound: As chief labor and employment counsel for Honeywell International’s Safety and Productivity Solutions division, he develops complex policies and procedures for the global company’s workforce in more than 100 countries. Diversity Matters: Since joining the company in 2010, he’s made diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority. “If you consider diverse people at an equal rate and you have a fair process, you should end up hiring diversity at an equal rate. It’s a question of ‘at bats.’ You can’t get a hit if you don’t get to bat.”  Soft Skills He urges attorneys who want to go in-house to hone their technical expertise as well as their soft skills. Communication, judgment, and leadership are critical to being successful in-house.”

Beth Williams ’10

Hitting Her Stride: She was recently appointed the first general counsel for Race Forward, which advances racial justice in policies, institutions, and culture. “I am excited to develop a long-term strategic vision for the legal department that is in alignment with the organization’s vision and help lay a foundation for success.” Common Ground: “As an LGBT, gender non-conforming person with Native American heritage, I find the values and mission inherent in social justice organizations like Race Forward tend to closely align with my own. We measure success by the extent to which we help lift up and protect people who have been marginalized and denied access to justice. This congruency in values and mission is what gives my life’s work meaning and purpose.”

Jamie Hacker ’13

Power Play: She joined the National Hockey League (NHL) legal department in 2017 and now serves as counsel. As a law student, she interned with the National Football League and then went on to a four-year stint at Dechert as an associate. “I had always hoped to marry my love of sports with my passion for the law. Moving to the NHL was a dream come true.” Ice Time: “It’s a challenge to keep our game going in the Covid-era, but I’m happy that in these unprecedented conditions, we’ve awarded two Stanley Cup Championships and are currently playing a full season schedule. Seeing each game play out on the ice, and the love that fans have for this game, never gets old.”