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Painting a New Boston

BLSA conference explores how to attain racial progress.


BC Law’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA) hosted a spring conference April 9 titled “Our Canvas: Painting a New Boston.” Its purpose was to explore why Black students should remain in Boston after law school and what it means to study and practice in the city.

The conference’s theme was an effort to look beyond Boston’s history of racism to explore how the city has changed for the better over the last few decades. By encouraging Black students to stay, BLSA hoped to perpetuate the community’s positive trajectory.

The conference offered current members of BLSA and the Black Alumni Network (BAN) the chance to connect during the course of the day over a Caribbean lunch, professional photo sessions—including a group shot that reflected the diverse legal community BLSA is creating—and panel discussions. 

The first panel, “Why We Should Stay: Building up the Black Community of Boston,” allowed experts to share their thoughts on why they believe BC Law is well positioned to create positive change in Boston’s legal community.

Other sessions explored how to attain racial progress in an ever-polarizing society, how to influence reform and healing in an ever-divisive political climate, and how to care for one’s mental well-being while striving for personal career goals and advocating for social change.

Fourteen prominent Black alumni and other leaders, among them a former state senator, juvenile court judge, Massachusetts Supreme Court justice, professors, community directors, and activists, populated the panels.

“The BC BLSA Spring Conference provided a much-needed opportunity to discuss pressing issues in our community,” said BLSA Co-President Travis Salters ’23. “We look forward to building upon this momentum as our community continues to grow.”