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BC Law Rises Seven Spots in New Rankings

Above the Law ranks BC Law 25th in job outcomes for the Class of 2021.


Boston College Law School was ranked 25th in the tenth annual installment of the Above the Law Top 50 Law School Rankings, marking an impressive seven spot improvement from the previous year. 

The Above the Law rankings are primarily based on graduates’ employment outcomes and are determined by looking at categories such as quality jobs score (35 percent), employment score (30 percent), education cost (15 percent), debt per job (10 percent), active federal judges (5 percent), and SCOTUS clerks (5 percent). Together these qualifications are meant to place more weight on outcomes regardless of input and to give a comprehensive guide in deciding whether and where to attend law school, particularly in terms of future employment prospects.  

This measurement is corroborated by the new topline statistics for the Class of 2021, which show the class has a 95.6 percent overall employment rate (the highest percentage in at least the past ten years), and 90.8 percent of graduates to be in full-time, long-term, bar passage required, or JD advantage positions. It’s worth noting the significant increase in these numbers from the previous year, which saw overall employment at 90.2 percent and the latter at 83.3 percent.

BC Law was also recently ranked #15 on the National Law Journal‘s “Go-To Law Schools” list for large firm hiring, moving up from #19 in 2021, and received Princeton Review‘s #9 ranking for both their “Best Professors” and “Best Quality of Life” lists.