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In Brief

Around the Academy

Highlights from a busy events calendar.

Philippe Sands

Sands, a law professor at University College London, used the Owen M. Kupferschmid Holocaust/Human Rights Project’s 2022 Memorial Lecture to explain the terms “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.” The difference between the concepts centers around who is protected and why. Every act of genocide is a crime against humanity, but not every crime against humanity is a genocide, he said. Misunderstanding the words has consequences.

Ariela J. Gross

The John B. and Alice R. Sharp Professor of Law and History at the University of Southern California presented her paper “The Constitution Is Also a Monument: Slavery, Memory, and American Politics” on April 7. Gross has focused much of her work on racial justice, and in recent writing says that “like statues of Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln, the Constitution is a monument whose past lives shape its present and future.”

Osamudia James

On February 3, the UNC law professor presented to students and faculty on her article “Superior Status: Relational Obstacles in the Law to Racial Justice and LGBTQ Equality.” The paper was published in Boston College Law Review this year. James is an expert in education law, race and the law, and administrative law and is well known for her exploration of the intersection of law and identity in the context of public education.

Jameyanne Fuller

An attorney advisor with the FCC’s Satellite Division, Fuller discussed the problem of orbital debris. Speaking to the BC Law Space Law Society on February 8, she said that as more and more satellites are launched, the amount of “space junk” stuck in orbit presents a growing problem: how to ensure that new satellites do not come into contact with old debris and create a never-ending cascade of collisions and destruction.

Dustin A. Lewis

The research director of the Harvard Law School Program on International Law and Armed Conflict was one of three speakers analyzing the Russia-Ukraine situation in the opening days of the invasion. At an event co-hosted by BC’s Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Lewis discussed economic sanctions as a strong political tool, Russia’s violation of international law, and how both sides might manage the armed conflict.