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Raising the Bar

How Donors See It

Donors whose lives were forever changed now give back.

Joan Lukey ’74,left, and Sue Farina ’94.  Photographs by Gretchen Ertl

For donors Joan Lukey ’74 and Sue Farina ’94, attending BC Law took courage, as both shared when speaking at April’s Scholarship Dinner. In Lukey’s case, the issue was whether she could live up to the Presidential Scholarship that enabled her to go to law school right out of college. As for Farina, leaving a ten-year professional career to study law, the decision involved a leap of faith: “I wondered if I would fit in, if I was up for the challenge, and most of all if I could afford it.”

By Farina’s measure, it was all worth it, though. “Now, I attribute my professional accomplishments and frankly a lot of my personal confidence to BC Law. It had a tremendous impact on my life, and I want in some meaningful way to help other people reach their own personal and professional goals by relieving some of the financial burden of going to law school. Therefore, my husband Dino and I have included in our estate plan directions to establish and fund a scholarship for BC Law students in need.”

Lukey struck a similar heartfelt chord, saying, “If I hadn’t received that scholarship from the University, I don’t think I could have attended law school. And even then, I knew then that [if possible], BC Law would be the predominant beneficiary of my philanthropy.”