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In the Field

Paths to Success

Alumni find career satisfaction in diverse places.

Bill Brady ’84

Follow His Lead: He recently joined CEO Coaching International, a leading firm for coaching CEOs and entrepreneurs, as a partner and coach. “I was ‘officially’ retired for twenty years, but constantly found myself helping CEOs and senior executives. I really enjoy coaching and helping leaders develop growth strategies, overcome challenges, and develop a healthy work/life balance.” Pioneer Spirit: He founded AmeriFee, a groundbreaking company in the now multi-billion-dollar health-care patient finance industry, in his garage office. “Back in the ’90s and early 2000s, we took a lot of arrows but stayed on the horse. We created a happy, family culture with more than 300 employees, where communication flowed freely, we all knew each other’s names, and everyone was rewarded when we sold the company.”

Anjali Jesseramsing ’89

Justice for All: As general counsel for the American Association for Justice (AAJ)—a trade association for trial lawyers—she helps safeguard victims’ rights by preserving the constitutional right to trial by jury. “The most exciting part of my job is when the work we do leads to progress, whether through the courts or through legislation.” Long-term Relationship: After six years as a litigation associate at Ballard Spahr, she moved to AAJ in 1996 as associate director and was promoted to general counsel in 2014. “It was and is the perfect place for me. It’s challenging and exciting and keeps me growing as a lawyer.” A Word to the Wise: “To be an effective general counsel, you have to be comfortable with, and even yearn for, wearing multiple hats.”

Colleen Curtin Gable ’92

Minister of Justice: She launched her career as a prosecutor in Manhattan and joined the Erie County DA’s Office in 1999, where she was the first female chief of the Homicide Bureau and is now chief of the Grand Jury Bureau. Role Model: “When I became chief of homicide, younger women colleagues told me that they saw it as a goal they could now aspire to achieve.” Silver Screen: She was featured in “The White Cellphone,” an episode in the See No Evil documentary series. “They portrayed the case accurately and gave well-deserved attention to the police who worked with me. Most importantly, it paid tribute to Tequila Suter, the victim, and gave a voice to those who knew and loved her.”

Patrick Manzo ’01

Evolution of a CEO: As chief executive of Kazoo, an online platform that unites recognition and rewards, performance management, and employee surveys, one of his top goals is developing talent and building teams. Front and Center: “HR tech is a fascinating space as companies navigate the increasing decentralization and digitization of work, the Great Resignation, and a generational changing of the guard as millennials become the most populous work force cohort.” Future Focus: To become a CEO, “seek out challenging situations—those that force you to extend, to risk failure, and to grow. Have a plan, and continuously evaluate progress against that plan. Recognize that you will make mistakes, and that’s OK—just don’t make the same mistakes!”