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Scholarship Dinner 2022

The Fifteenth Annual Boston College Law Scholarship Dinner celebrated the community’s commitment to outstanding BC Law students.


“My scholarship package, supported by donors like those in this room, helped ease some of the financial uncertainty that comes from leaving a career and returning to school full-time,” said John Ferraro ’22, who worked as a digital media buyer before coming to BC Law.

Ferraro was speaking at the Fifteenth Annual Scholarship Dinner on April 7, where alumni and students gathered at the Boston Harbor Hotel to celebrate the impact of donor generosity.

On the donor side, Joan Lukey ’74 and Sue Farina ’14 both spoke of their desire to do for others what had been done for them when they were students at the Law School.

Photo gallery, below: 1. Samantha Cupolo, Tamara Perez, Catharine Bekel. 2. Pamela & David Donohue; Martina David-Ault, Hugh Ault. 3. Dino Farina, John Ferraro, Sue Farina, Maria Tringale, Chabely Lopez, Joan Lukey, Bob Popeo, Diane Ring. 4. Nancy & Mark Michalowski, Margie Palladino. 5. Samantha Perlman, Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes, Evan Metz. 6. Fred and Rosalba Salvucci; Nancy Kyei, Danielle Salvucci-Black. 7. Madeleine Kausel, Michael McShane, Evan Metz, Chabely Lopez, Marie Piccone. 8. Boston Harbor Hotel. 9. Sandy Jesse. 10. William Demerest. 11. Crystal & Daniel Lyons; Javon Davis. 12.Tracy Walker, Liz Nuccio, Anthony Compagnone, Lisa Mindick, Vincent Nuccio. Photographs by Gretchen Ertl