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Alumni News

2022 Achievers

BC Law continues to be well represented in the US government’s legislative and judicial branches. This year, four alumni won congressional reelections, one won reelection to state office, and one was appointed to the US Court of Appeals.

Lara Montecalvo ’00

Montecalvo was appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit last September. She once served as a public defender, and later as an appellate attorney and then chief of the Rhode Island Public Defender’s Office Appellate Division. Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court William P. Robinson III ’75 said of Montecalvo, “I am certain that she will for many years be a credit to the Court of Appeals and will forever be a credit to the wonderful institution that is Boston College Law School.”

Deborah Goldberg ’83

The Massachusetts State Treasurer and Receiver General won election to a third term since first taking office in 2014. Goldberg’s goal upon first taking office was to integrate the Treasury Office’s thirteen programs to create economic security and stability for everyone in Massachusetts, which resulted in the Office of Economic Empowerment in 2015 to provide families and children with access to financial resources.

Bobby Scott ’73

Scott won his 16th term as representative of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District and has been elevated to a ranking member of the Committee on Education and Labor. When first elected in 1993, he became Virginia’s second African-American to serve in Congress and its first since Reconstruction. During his 2019 commencement address at BC Law, he encouraged students to remember the Jesuit principles “when faced with the temptation to take the easier route.”

Jared Huffman ’90

Huffman was reelected to represent California’s 2nd Congressional District and stepped into new leadership roles. He is now chair of the House Democratic Caucus’s Procedures Committee (CPC), which also puts him on the CPC’s Steering and Policy Committee. When the largest Progressive Caucus in history (103 members) was sworn in, Huffman was also elected as a CPC vice-chair-at-large.

Stephen Lynch ’91

Lynch was reelected to his 12th term for Massachusetts’ 8th Congressional District. He serves on a number of committees dealing with such issues as transportation and infrastructure, and national security. He is co-founder of the Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus and co-chair of the Task Force on Anti-Terrorism and Proliferation Financing.