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‘You Are All Changing Lives’

Sixteenth Annual Scholarship Dinner celebrates the long-term impact of giving on donors, recipients, and the larger community.

James and Lois Champy scholarship recipient Javon Davis ’23 speaks of his gratitude for their support.  Photograph by Michael Manning

A group of Boston College Law School’s donors were honored April 18 at a gathering in the Newbury Boston hotel. The Sixteenth Annual Scholarship Dinner literally glowed beneath twinkling chandeliers and amid bright smiles of gratitude, as those who’ve given funds and those who’ve received their generosity were recognized.

Javon Davis ’23, speaking for scholarship recipients, put it this way: “I know I speak for all the students in the room when I say that we are so very grateful for all that you continue to do to support us by helping to ease the financial burden of law school. I would like to personally thank James and Lois Champy, the benefactors of my scholarship. … You all are changing lives, and allowing us to chase our dreams and answer our callings. And in my case, I will now get to put my head down and do the messy work that lawyers do—by sticking our necks out and standing up for those who need it most.”

Among the 100 attendees was Steven Wright ’78, senior vice president and general counsel of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and co-chair of the Wayne A. Budd ’63, Hon ’13 Law Financial Aid Fund. “I’m speaking on behalf of my co-chair Ralph Martin, as well as my colleagues who, inspired by Wayne, came together to realize this initiative,” he said.

Then Wright explained why they did it: “Wayne unquestionably impacted our respective trajectories and, through him, our entire founders group has been committed to mentorship in the same way throughout our careers. We pass it along and pay it forward to be just like Wayne. This is cascaded through our own varied legal journeys so you can gather the impact that he has had across the legal community.”

Wright and Davis’s messages echoed throughout the dinner and, as some now recall the evening, are still being heard.

Photos: Michael Manning

Speakers Steven Wright ’78, left, and Javon Davis ’23
Peter Flynn ’78, Evan Metz ’24, and Professor Robert Bloom ’71
Dean Odette Lienau, Steven Wright ’78, and Wayne Budd
John Montgomery ’75, Kaela Hardy ’24, and Adele Clemonds ’24
Philip Privitera ’95, Monica Sanchez ’25, and Toni-Ann Privitera
From left, Jamal Fiin ’25, members of the Salvucci family, and, standing, Dean Odette Lienau
Jyoti Tibrewala ’23 and Taylor Hickey ’23
From left, Lois Champy, James Champy ’68, Jeffrey Sabin ’77, Javon Davis ’23, and Claire McDonald
From left, Alice Alexander; Steven Wright ’78; Roderick Ireland, former chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts; and Paul Dacier.
Imani Roberson ’24 and Mathew Ralph Santiago ’24 with Professor Ingrid Hillinger
Professors Daniel Lyons and Crystal Lyons