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In Brief

Around the Academy

BC Law welcomes distinguished speakers.

Danielle Kinkel

The Rappaport Center Senior Fellow in Residence opened BC Law’s Property and Housing Law Week with a lecture on affordable housing. The general counsel at the Massachusetts Housing Partnership, she discussed how discrimination and failed policies have resulted in housing inequality, and urged race-based and class-based policies to fix disparities.

Chesa Boudin

The Rappaport Center welcomed Boudin as its Senior Fellow in Residence in January. The former San Francisco District Attorney spoke about a progressive prosecutor’s role in criminal justice reform. He explained and defended what was a controversial 2.5-year term in office and his policies to end mass incarceration, invest in alternative solutions, and promote equal enforcement of the law.

David Scheffer

The former US Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues delivered the annual Owen M. Kupferschmid Memorial Lecture on the topic of war crimes in Ukraine. In his “How Fares International Criminal Justice?” talk, he asked whether successful war crime prosecutions over the past years have helped deter repeated offenses and warned that more work is needed to mitigate conflicts.

Wenona Singel

The director of Michigan State University’s Indigenous Law & Policy Center spoke on a panel in April, two months before the Supreme Court’s decision in Brackeen v. Haaland. She analyzed the case’s possible negative impacts on child welfare, Native American law, and native nations’ abilities to govern independent of the federal government. In June, the Court upheld tribal sovereignty.