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Global Engagement

Boston, Dublin Compare Constitutional Law

BC Law Professor Aziz Rana and Trinity College Law Professor Aileen Kavanagh conduct a transatlantic dialogue on the topic.


BC Law is making its presence felt on December 14 as part of weeklong series of university-wide events celebrating the partnership between Boston College and Trinity College Dublin. The Law School’s contribution is a webinar featuring two Law School faculty, Katharine Young, who will moderate, and Aziz Rana, who will engage in a “transatlantic dialogue” with Dublin professor Aileen Kavanagh.

Their conversation, which poses the question, “Constitutions as Veneration or Collaboration?”, will spotlight distinctive attitudes, and distinctive actors, in the role of constitutional law in a democracy, and will draw upon their recent scholarship.

Professor and Provost’s Distinguished Fellow Rana authored The Constitutional Bind: How Americans Came to Idolize a Document that Fails Them (University of Chicago Press, 2024), which indicates the distance between US constitutional democracy and its venerated Constitution.

Kavanagh, who is director of Tri-CON, the Trinity Centre for Constitutional and Law Governance, offers a very different picture of courts, legislatures, and executives in The Collaborative Constitution (Cambridge University Press, 2023).

Register for the online event via Zoom.