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Survival Kits Take the Sting Out of Exams

Bags full of swag and edibles for 1Ls facing their first finals is one of BC Law's beloved traditions.


What started some three decades ago when a compassionate professor, Ingrid Hillinger (in red above), wanted to offer comfort to 1Ls facing their first final exams, has burgeoned into a beloved tradition. She recruited UCC Digest 2Ls and 3Ls to bake cookies and round up treats and trinkets to hand out to their younger colleagues. They called the results Survival Kits.

This year, the upper classmates spent months soliciting swag and nibblies from area law firms and businesses—a whopping forty donors in all—to produce more than 230 Survival Kits filled with snacks, school supplies, tech items, stress balls, and candy. As the 1Ls left the UCC office laden with the goods, each was handed a final gift: a whoopie pie in a little red polka dot box.

Thus armed—and smiling—they set out to cram for exams.

Photographs by Devon Guanci and Vicki Sanders