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Around the Academy

Hot topics at the lectern.

Myisha Eatmon

Speaking at the Legal History Roundtable, Eatmon presented from her work-in-progress, Litigating in Black and White: Black Legal Culture, White Violence, Jim Crow, and Their Legacies, which “examines the crystallization of what she has coined ‘Black legal culture’ under Jim Crow.” Eatmon is an assistant professor in African American studies and history at Harvard University.

Stephen Frank

BC Law’s Criminal Law Society invited Frank to speak on a panel in November about the Operation Varsity Blues college admission scandals. As the lead prosecutor for the US Attorney’s Office on the cases, he engaged in a conversation with lawyers from the defense side about the investigations and trials, and addressed the scheme’s implications for larger legal questions.

Sung Eun “Summer” Kim

The UCI Law professor presented “The Duality of Variance Among ESG Assessments” (University of Missouri Law Review, 2023) at the Regulation & Markets Workshop. Her article focuses on ESG (environmental, social governance) data and frameworks “to identify and mitigate harmful forms of variance and convergence among ESG assessments.” Kim’s research interests include corporate law and finance.

Gwen Bethel Riley ’96

Riley spoke to the Sports Law Society about applying her legal background and love of music to her work at Peloton. As its SVP of music and head of content partnerships, she has brought major artists to the platform. They include Beyonce, The Grateful Dead, and The Prince Estate. Previously, Riley served as Disney’s head of business affairs in music for almost nine years.

Dan Winslow ’83

In October, Winslow met with the BC Law Republicans for a conversation about whether or not Massachusetts could return to a two-party state. Having formerly served as a judge of the Massachusetts Trial Court, a legal counsel to a governor, and a state representative, he drew from his experience working in all three levels of state government to inform the discussion.