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BC Law Magazine artists and writers.

Elizabeth Gehrman

Writer Boston-based Elizabeth Gehrman has written for Harvard Medicine, The Boston Globe Magazine, and This Old House, among others. She worked in-house at The New York Times Magazine when she was a freelance editor in New York, and remembers how it felt. “I was proud to be contributing to ‘the paper of record’ in some small way,” she recalls. “In profiling Mike Brown ’10, a New York Times Company executive, I discovered that though the world has changed a lot in recent decades, for the paper’s employees, that feeling has stayed the same.” 

Jane Whitehead

Writer British-born and Oxford-educated, freelancer Whitehead is now based in Boston and New York. Her features, essays, and profiles have appeared in many local newspapers and alumni publications. Of her profiles in this issue for In the Field, she says: “Interviews give writers a privileged view into someone else’s world—and BC lawyers work in so many fascinating worlds, from refugee shelters at the Texas/Mexico border to the fast-paced hubs of international mergers and acquisitions. There’s something to learn from every assignment, and that keeps things interesting.”

Diana Levine

Photographer Levine is an advertising and editorial photographer based in Boston. She has photographed notable personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, President Clinton, New Kids on the Block, and Usher, among other musicians, actors, and leaders. Her clients include Rolling Stone, Billboard, Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe Magazine, and Converse. For this issue, she photographed Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes ’24, five 1Ls, and the Generations portrait. “There’s usually a lot of laughter and getting to know each other as we photograph the portraits,” she says.

Bill Mayer

Illustrator Mayer, whose illustrations have won multiple awards, counts most Fortune 500 companies among his clients. His crazy creatures, characters, and comic creations have been sought after for magazine covers, countless articles, ads, product packaging, postal stamps, posters, and even as designs for Steuben Glass. Of his assignment on the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency products company Celsius, he says: “This robber-robot was a lot of fun to illustrate. The concept came together pretty straightforwardly, and illustrates how insecure uninsured investments like cryptocurrency can be.”