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Faculty Scholarship

Notable Faculty Publications

Recent works by BC Law professors.


Avlana Eisenberg’s “Policing the Danger Narrative” (The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 2023) examines the “us-versus-them” ideology that has been reinforced in police training and its effects on how police view the people they police. It proposes reforms, including adoption of data-driven, evidence-based practices and re-imagined partnerships between communities and police.

Aziz Rana authored the chapter “National Security Law and the Originalist Myth” in Race and National Security (Oxford University Press, 2023). He explains how scholars and lawyers often depict America’s history as one of civil libertarian decline from the country’s founding ideals. However, this originalist myth ignores the extent to which there is no golden age or non-imperial past to revive.

Felipe Ford Cole’s University of Chicago Law Review article “Unshackling Cities” revises the history of Dillon’s Rule in local government, which holds that localities only exercise power expressly granted to them by the state. He asserts that local government law also distributes public and private power between private capital and cities, preventing cities from fully addressing many challenges.

Mary Holper ’03, in the article “JRAD Redux: Judicial Recommendation Against Immigration Detention” (George Washington Law Review, 2023), calls for reform of the immigration detention system, as current recommendations to improve immigration detention decisions assume a finite pool of decisionmakers. Instead, Holper proposes introducing the criminal justice court as a new decisionmaker.