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Faculty Scholarship

Notable Faculty Publications

Recent works by BC Law professors.


David Wirth authored “The Food Safety Modernization Act and international trade rules” in the Research Handbook on International Food Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023). His work examines the FSMA’s statute on preventing risks to food safety, and how international trade-based rules might undermine it. Wirth also considers FSMA’s potential “to run afoul of those strictures,” which would impact global food trade.

James Repetti’s “International Tax Policy’s Harm to Manufacturing and National Interests” (Wisconsin Law Review, 2023) addresses regulations that have created incentives for US multinational enterprises to move manufacturing offshore. He suggests that a US corporate alternative minimum tax, along with a proposed corporate minimum tax from the Economic Co-operation, Pillar II, may reduce this incentive.

Reena Parikh co-authored “Brief of Amici Curiae from Former Department of Homeland Security Officials in Support of Respondents” (Department of State v. Muñoz, 2024). Examining how due process protections are balanced with US national security interests, it asserts that noncitizen spouses of US citizens applying for immigrant visas through DOS Consular Processing should not be denied basic protections.

Cathleen Kaveny published “Challenges for the Pro-Life Movement in a Post-Roe Era” in the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics. According to Kaveny, state laws that ban abortions for people with disabilities deprive them “of choices that may be important to their possibilities of becoming parents, including possibilities for abortion of pregnancies that have become risky to continue.”