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Paths to Success

Alumni find career satisfaction in diverse places.

David Curtin ’85

Dual Citizen: While working for an American bank in London’s Canary Wharf, Curtin met the principal of the local Sandringham Primary School at a charity event. A long-time UK resident, he later joined the school’s Board of Governors, which he now chairs, and since retiring from a legal career in corporate finance and governance, he has found a fulfilling new arena in education. Back to School: He recently completed an MA in Education at the Institute of Education of University College London. “I had a fairly classical education,” he said. “This was the first time I spent a lot of time reading sociology and psychology, and it’s really given me a new outlook, and more of a nuanced understanding of what teachers do.” 

Alicia Barton ’02

Wind Power Unleashed: On the same day that Barton arrived as CEO at Boston-based Vineyard Offshore in January 2024, the Vineyard Wind project south of Martha’s Vineyard started generating power to the grid, a moment she hails as “a huge turning point for the US offshore wind industry.” Clean Energy Champion: Now steering the company’s offshore wind projects across North America, Barton is an environmental lawyer with over fifteen years’ leadership experience in both public and private sectors, most recently as CEO of FirstLight Power, where she oversaw New England’s largest portfolio of clean energy assets. Validation: “We’re proving that the projects can deliver multiple benefits: clean electrons, good-paying union jobs, while working in close coordination with the fishing industry, and avoiding impact on sensitive species like whales.”

Michelle Kanter Cohen ’08

Passionate Advocate: Now bracing for her fourth presidential election as a voting rights attorney, Kanter Cohen is policy director and senior counsel at Fair Elections Center, a national, nonpartisan voting rights and election reform organization based in Washington, DC. National Profile: A member of the American Bar Association (ABA) standing committee on election law, she recently authored a chapter on voting in the ABA publication The Legal and Social Ramifications of Pandemics on Civil Rights and Civil LibertiesDefending Democracy: “Since January 6 there’s been such heightened attention to democracy. There’s also so much harmful, anti-democratic, authoritarian rhetoric that was on the margins, maybe twelve years ago, that has become so much more a part of what we’re fighting.” 

Colin S. Levy ’10

Legal Tech Expert “We live in a world that is augmented by technology and driven by data, so it’s really incumbent upon companies to meet the world where it is, and in part that means using technologies that help them perform their work,” said Levy, director of legal at Malbek, a company that provides software to legal departments of large organizations to make digital Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) more efficient. The Explainer: As a writer, speaker, and podcaster on the intersection of law and technology, Levy understands the wariness and resistance to change in some legal quarters. His book The Legal Tech Ecosystem (Ramses House Publishing, 2023) is a guide to the rapidly evolving legal/tech landscape.