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Adam C. Supple

Adam Supple is a senior government contract attorney at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington, DC, and specializes in government procurement, bid protests, and acquisition policy. He was previously a senior assistant general counsel at the US General Services Administration in Washington, DC.


Childhood Dream: “I’m old enough to remember when schools would roll the A/V cart into the classroom for every shuttle launch, so for people of a certain age, NASA was always a big deal, maybe unattainably so. When the opportunity came along to work at NASA as a senior procurement attorney, I was both surprised and thrilled, and it’s been great so far.” An Extraterrestrial Work Experience: “NASA is routinely ranked as one of the best places to work in government, and it’s been easy to see why, even in the short time I’ve been working here. The mission speaks for itself—we’re putting people back on the Moon, and then on to Mars—and everything the agency does (even the legal work) is driven to succeed in that mission.” Favorite Sci-fi Movie: “Of course, I want to say something high-minded like Arrival, but it’s Star Wars—the whole lot of it. I had a Return of the Jedi lunch box in kindergarten, and I have the Obi Wan series premiere marked on my calendar.”