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Adam W. Boyd

Adam W. Boyd has merged his practice, the Law Offices of Adam Boyd and Benjamin Cornell, in Tacoma, WA, with Gibbs Houston Pauw, an immigration law firm based in Seattle. As members of a six-attorney team at Gibbs Houston Pauw, Boyd and Cornell continue to service clients in the Tacoma/Seattle area and are able “to expand our services to our client base and at the same time merge with a law firm that aligns in parallel with values that we prioritize.”


Why the Practice of Immigration Law: “My path was sealed after helping my first asylum seeker from the Ivory Coast while working as a 2L in law school.” High Stakes: “Often it feels like it is just me and my client against the government, and when we win it is literally life or death for them.” One Thing You’re Exceptionally Good At: “Immigration appellate work,” which he does at Gibbs Houston Pauw in Washington state. Your Wish for Immigration Reform “For laws to be more focused on our common humanity and recognize that no one is perfect. We should treat every person, even those with troubled pasts, with dignity.”