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Aileen Walborsky Josephs

Aileen Walborsky Josephs is co-author and producer of Prosecuting Crimes of the State, a documentary based on the Owen M. Kupferschmid Holocaust/Human Rights Project conference at BC Law and available at She is founder and sole practitioner at the Law Office of Aileen Josephs in West Palm Beach, FL, and focuses on immigration and human rights issues.


Foresight: Human rights and immigration attorney Josephs had the vision in 1990 to film the Owen Kupferschmid ’86 Holocaust/Human Rights Project (HHRP) conference she participated in as a third-year law student. Now available on YouTube, Prosecuting Crimes of the State is drawing the attention of new viewers. Why Film the Event? Documenting is a powerful tool for human rights practitioners, particularly when all else fails. Roots of Her Human Rights Passion: As a Latina Jew who grew up in poverty in Mexico City among many Holocaust survivors and families, including her own paternal family who lost relatives in the Holocaust, she always has known that silence is never an option.