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Alan G. Macdonald

Alan G. Macdonald, former president and chief executive officer of MelroseWakefield Healthcare in Medford, MA, was honored with the 2021 Trustee Excellence in Leadership Award presented by the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association for his significant contributions to healthcare policy and community healthcare services in Massachusetts. Additionally, he was named president of the Board of Directors of Mass Golf, the state’s golf association committed to growing the game in Massachusetts.


His Legacy: The former healthcare executive improved the lives of patients by reforming policy and services in Massachusetts. Groundbreaker: Assisted in development of the Uncompensated Care Pool (now the Health Safety Net) and the individual health insurance mandate, cornerstones of healthcare reform laws in the Commonwealth and nationally. Words to Live By: “When I think of BC Law’s influence on my career, I think of the late professor Jim Smith’s words of ‘No shortcuts, and no rationalizing bad behavior,’ meaning that integrity in reaching an outcome is more important than whatever the outcome may be. Jim was a true mentor, as well as a teacher. His wisdom and advice stayed with me throughout my career, and it led to many right outcomes.”