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Amy M. Reichbach

Amy M. Reichbach was elected to the Board of Directors of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a national organization providing educational programs and support services to those whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Reichbach is a hearing officer at the Massachusetts Bureau of Special Education Appeals in Malden, MA, and serves as an administrative law judge for special education proceedings.


Self-Described: Divorced Jewish mom, poet, breast cancer survivor, and public interest lawyer. As a New Member of Living Beyond Breast Cancer: “I’m particularly interested in highlighting and targeting disparities in access to healthcare, particularly for communities of color and LGBTQ folks. These disparities often lead to poorer outcomes associated with a breast cancer diagnosis.” It Takes a Village: “My friends absolutely got me through breast cancer, and I was lucky to count among them former BC Law classmates and professors, including Evangeline Sarda, Lis Keller, Judy Tracy, Phyllis Goldfarb, and Sharon Beckman. Having people in my life who weren’t afraid to ask how I was really doing mattered.”