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Christine Leonard

Christine Leonard co-wrote an article in The Hill entitled “An Old-School Exemplar of Courage and Conviction.” The article talks about William Delahunt ’67, a former Congressman who recently passed away, and his unique ability to unite people of polar opposite political and ideological views.


At a Crossroads: Leonard paid tribute to the late Congressman William Delahunt ’67 in a recent article in The Hill. At a turning point in her career, he encouraged her return to public service and modeled how to have an impact on people’s lives. Causing a Ruckus: “He would go down to the House floor and start talking to someone who was completely characterized as being the total opposite of him ideologically,” she says, “but within minutes, he would be telling jokes and getting the person laughing. He had a unique sense of always trying to find common ground and sincere friendships with people who were very different from him.” Building Relationships: “One of the biggest things I learned from him was never to make assumptions about somebody’s willingness to work together.”