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Douglas H. Inouye

Douglas H. Inouye was featured in a Hawaii News Now segment in November 2021. An endurance athlete who competes in triathlons and marathons, he was in top physical condition when he was sidelined by Covid-19 and endured a long recovery. He is running again and writes, “the same determination that got me through law school has seen me through this ordeal and the support, care and compassion I received at the hospital reminds me of the support, care and compassion I received from BC Law.” Inouye is corporate counsel and director of contract services for the Queen’s Health Systems in Honolulu, HI.


Survivor: A frequent competitor in marathons, triathlons, and ironman races in Hawaii, Japan, and across the US mainland, Inouye was in the best shape of his life when Covid-19 stopped him (almost) dead in his tracks early on in the pandemic before vaccines were available. Déjà vu: Finding himself in a hospital struggling to breathe was not new to Inouye; as a BC Law student in the midst of final exams 30 years earlier, he was hospitalized with pneumonia and barely able to breathe. Thankful: He credits the culture and camaraderie among the BC Law students and administration for getting him through his illness and exams, as he credits the hospital personnel for getting him through Covid. Test of Endurance: While he understands that getting vaccinated is a personal decision, which he respects, he hopes that sharing his experience might persuade at least one more BC Law alum or someone they know to get vaccinated. Bottom Line: “As long as you’re living and breathing, don’t take that for granted.”