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Drew W. Morgan

Drew W. Morgan is a stand-up comic, writer, and actor. He and his two writing and comedy partners, who perform political satire internationally as wellRED Comedy, are co-authors of the best-selling political humor book, The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and recently sold a pilot to ABC. His sketches have been featured on Comedy Central, and he has been featured on MTV, The View, and the Funny or Die comedy video website co-founded by Will Ferrell.


Former Gig: A public defender in Miami and Knoxville before developing the satirical act wellRED Comedy. Fodder for His Comedic Material: Growing up in a small town in rural Tennessee on the outskirts of Appalachia and his experiences living in Australia, Boston, Miami, and now New York. First Agent: His wife who got him started in comedy by signing him up for a competition. Advice for Pursuing Dreams: Believe the opportunity will come and start to act—if you believe it, you will be prepared for it.