Winter 2021

Edward J. Krisor

Edward J. Krisor was honored by the Colorado Bar Association with a commemorative medal for practicing law for fifty years. His private practice in Lakewood, CO, focuses on government, real estate, probate, and business law. His BC Law class didn’t have a commencement

There was no in-person graduation ceremony. No customary pomp and circumstance. No opportunity to gather as a class to congratulate each other and say farewell. Yes, this is what happened to the Boston College Law Class of 2020, but it is also what happened fifty years earlier to the Class of 1970.

That year, antiwar demonstrations, student strikes, and the Kent State shootings caused campuses across the country to shut down, including BC, which also meant the cancellation of the Class of 1970 Commencement.

Fifty years later, at last fall’s BC Law Reunion, the class planned to gather for the fiftieth anniversary of their non-graduation, only to have the in-person celebration thwarted—again—this time by a world pandemic.

Edward J. Krisor ’70 and his wife, Elizabeth, who married right before the start of law school, experienced the double disappointment. As Edward was honored recently by the Colorado Bar Association for practicing law for fifty years, the couple noted a bittersweet irony. “It was a wonderful honor, which then made us reminisce,” said Elizabeth. “The Class of 1970 did not have a graduation. . . . Now fifty years later, there is no [face to face] celebration. My, how times have changed.”

With the help of modern technology, 1970 alumni did, in fact, meet remotely last November to toast their fiftieth anniversary. They hope to reune again next fall for a delayed face-to-face celebration, five decades in the making.

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