Winter 2017

Transgender Journey

Ellen Krug ’82, the author of Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty, and Gender Change, visited BC Law in September to talk about her transition from male to female, from husband, father, and prosperous trial attorney to female director of a legal aid nonprofit and an inspirational speaker.

Krug said that informing nearly every major decision in her early professional or personal life were unsettling feelings about her gender identity that she believed she could outsmart or outrun by moving to another city, working harder, or building a larger family. “I always thought,” Krug told the gathering, “that the stuff inside me would go away.” Eventually, she surgically transitioned from male to female.

There is no such thing as a “human owner’s manual,” said Krug, so she gives motivational talks to help others who are making difficult life changes themselves. Through her company, Human Inspirations Works, she offers diversity and inclusion training to businesses, universities, and nonprofits nationwide.

Krug is also executive director of Call for Justice, LLC, in Minneapolis, MN.

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