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Henry R. Bouchot

Henry R. Bouchot was elected to a four-year term as a member of the Whittier (CA) City Council in District 2. His swearing-in ceremony was conducted by his wife, Christina Queiros Bouchot ’08, who is counsel in the Los Angeles, CA, office of Goodwin Procter LLP. The couple and their sons, John and Diego, live in Whittier, where he is a member of the Whittier Social Services Commission and a block captain in the town’s Neighborhood Watch.


Victory: Beat a thirty-six-year incumbent for the seat on the City Council in Whittier. Backstory: A former Marine Captain who served in Afghanistan. Government Experience: Judge Advocate for US Marine Corps and member of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Public Safety. Helping Hand: Founder of a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting disabled military veterans. Motivator: “I have always believed in sticking up for the little guy.”