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Hon. Phillip L. Weiner

Hon. Phillip L. Weiner was awarded the Royal Order of Sahametrei, conferred by the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, in recognition of his ongoing volunteer work training Cambodian police and legal professionals.


Crowning Honor: Being knighted by the Cambodian government makes him a member of the Royal Order of Sahametrei, the highest honor bestowed upon a foreigner. Previous Recipients: Charles de Gaulle, Emperor Hirohito of Japan, and Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia. Why Honored: For his work training police and legal professionals in criminal causation and responsibility, judicial integrity and independence, and conspiracy. Answering the Call: Weiner originally went to Cambodia to serve as chief of staff for the Investigative Judges Office at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, charged by the UN to bring to justice the leaders of the Khmer Rouge, a genocidal regime responsible for the deaths of almost a third of Cambodia’s population in the 1970s. He’s Most Proud of: Establishing a BC Law internship program at The Hague that led to the Law School’s reputation as number one in the world for war crimes tribunal internships.