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Karen J. Crawford

Karen J. Crawford was honored for her work with the Austin immigrant community when the mayor and city council of Austin, TX, declared November 30 to be “Karen Crawford Day.” She has been practicing immigration law since graduation and was formerly chair of the City of Austin’s Commission on Immigrant Affairs.


Steady Commitment: Crawford has focused on a host of immigration matters at her Austin, TX, firm for more than two decades. She has also served on the city’s Commission on Immigrant Affairs. Honor: As a result, in Austin last year, the date November 30 was declared “Karen Crawford Day.” The city councilor who made the proclamation was a former student (Crawford was once an adjunct at the University of Texas), which she found “very touching.” Staying Resilient:The work “is a marathon and not a sprint. It can take a long time to advocate for somebody,” she says. “The only way to work in this field is to be in a community with others who are doing the work and relying on one another.”