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Matthew A. Aufman

Matthew A. Aufman ’99 was promoted from senior corporate counsel to general counsel and vice president of legal at Welch Foods in Concord, MA.


Serendipity: Responded to an ad in Lawyer’s Weekly for a position at Welch Foods in 2004 and got the job. Historic Fact: The Concord grape was first cultivated in Concord, MA, in the 1850s. Did You Know? Welch’s was founded in 1869 and has been owned by a co-op of grape growers since 1956. What Is That Like? “Our growers’ perspective on the business isn’t quarter to quarter, it’s generation to generation. And they expect you to look them in the eye, shake their hand, and give them common-sense advice in plain English.” A GC Can’t Live Without… Good judgment. Most Loyal Consumer of Welch’s Juices: His thirteen-year-old daughter.