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Nathaniel C. Stinnett

Nathaniel C. Stinnett delivered the keynote address, “Modern Environmental Politics: Big Data, Behavioral Science, and Getting Environmentalists to Vote” at the third annual Advancing Research and Scholarship at Boston College event in December. The founder and CEO of the Environmental Voter Project, he was designated the “Voting Guru” and included as one of fifty environmental visionaries to follow in 2016 by the online news organization Grist.

Nathaniel Stinnett, J.D. '05, Founder & CEO of Environmental Voter Project Advancing Research and Scholarship at Boston College, The Environment and Society: Research for a Changing World A keynote address by BC Law alum, Nathaniel Stinnett, J.D. '05, founder and CEO of Environmental Voter Project; panel discussions by Boston College faculty; and highlights of work done by both undergraduate and graduate students across the University. Research Day. 

Vocation: Founder & CEO, Environmental Voter Project, a non-partisan non-profit mobilizing non-voting environmentalists. Conundrum: Polls show voters rank environmental issues among their lowest concerns, but that millions of Americans strongly prioritize environmental policies. Mission: To get more environmentalists to vote. Inspiration: “My daughter. When she was born, I realized it wasn’t enough for me to complain about political inaction in the face of climate change; I had to do something about it.”