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Paul Wagoner

Paul C. Wagoner founded Pathless Coaching LLC providing career and leadership coaching and assessment to attorneys, executives, and entrepreneurs. He is a candidate for certification in Leadership and Performance Coaching through Brown University. Prior to coaching, Wagoner spent twelve years in private practice, in-house and as a JAG in the US Navy.


As Leadership and Performance Coach: “I identify any gaps between a leader’s perceived strengths and the strengths identified by their team, and then help them bridge those gaps to enhance their leadership skills.” His End Goal: A healthier and more resilient leader and workplace. When to Get a Coach: “If you feel disconnected from your team, stagnant in your job, or long to take on a leadership role.” Return on Investment: “Law school and private practice do not traditionally prepare lawyers to lead teams of legal professionals, manage support staff, and handle clients effectively. Having these skills can significantly improve the success of a law firm or legal department.” This Just In:Wagoner is a newly certified member of the International Coaching Federation.