Summer 2016


After a six-decade marriage, Robert C. Robinson ’52 and his wife, Lucille Robinson, who received her BC undergraduate degree in 1950, passed away within hours of each other on April 20, 2016. Robert, 95, died peacefully while Lucille, 93, was sleeping at his side. She passed away six hours later.

Their love story began while Robert was at BC Law. Lucille met Robert at a BC party during Lent when he impressed her with his quick recitation of the Lenten mass schedule. In 1952, Robert and Lucille married and moved to Robert’s hometown of Portland, Maine, where they raised their four children.

Robert enjoyed a successful fifty-year career in law. He was a co-founder of the Portland law firm Robinson, Kriger & McCallum, campaign manager for former Maine Governor John Reed, general counsel for the Catholic Charities of Maine.

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