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Tere Ramos

Tere Ramos received the 2020 Patricia Blake Advocacy Award from the Federation for Children with Special Needs for her advocacy for disabled children and their families with limited English language skills. An education, disability, and civil rights attorney at Ramos Law LLC in Wellesley, MA, she helps families access Social Security disability benefits and represents children with special needs and students who have faced bullying and harassment in the school system.


Life Mission: As a disability advocate, Ramos seeks justice for low- and moderate-income families and those with limited English—people who are often underserved by the legal system. Adding to Her Credentials: She is a native speaker of Spanish and English, fluent in Portuguese, Italian, and French and has a working knowledge of Chinese, German, and Russian. Pre-Law: “Before I was a lawyer, I was a mother to a girl with autism. As I advocated for my child and navigated complicated and convoluted medical and legal worlds, I wondered how a Latina mother who doesn’t speak English, with humble means or without an advanced education, would navigate the system. I went to law school determined to focus my legal work in serving the Latino community in education matters.”