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Summer 2015

Generosity Has Its Rewards

(Photo IDs are left to right) 1. Christian Chorba’15 and John Boc ’74. 2. Roger Bougie ’62, Hayoung Chung ’15, and Ronald Makawa ’15. 3. Cole Goodman ’16 and Thomas Jalkut ’76. 4. Cadesbury Cooper ’15, Kristin Montgomery, and John Montgomery ’75. 5. The Liberty Hotel. 6. Nicholas Maschinot ’15 and Joseph Vanek ’87. 7. Patrick Kessock ’17, Elaine Morisi, and Mark Morisi. 8. Jeanne Picerne ’92. 9. Frances Spillane ’58 and Douglas MacMaster Jr. ’58. 10. Fred Salvucci, Rosalba Salvucci, and Danielle Black Salvucci ’96.

Scholarship Dinner 2015 was held at the Liberty Hotel in Boston.

Scholarship Dinner 2015 was held at the Liberty Hotel in Boston.

At the Tenth Annual Scholarship Dinner, BC Law students and donors came together for a shared evening of celebration and appreciation. Held at the Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston, the gala gave scholarship recipients the opportunity to express their gratitude and to build stronger connections with their donors, who are among the school’s most philanthropic alumni.

In his speech, Christian Chorba ’15, the 2015 recipient of the Derek J. Boc Scholarship, reflected on his grandmother’s humble beginnings in Ireland and the “transformative power of education” upon her later success. He spoke about the struggle many students face to finance their education, and how scholarship donors make a difference. “Your sponsorships have given us more than just a golden opportunity. They have given us an example to strive for in our own lives. An example not just of giving back but of always remembering how we got to where we are—with another’s help.”

Following Chorba, the donor behind his scholarship spoke about his motivations in endowing the fund. John F. Boc ’74, a longtime BC Law donor and volunteer, shared with the group his own story, starting with his humble beginnings working through school and leading up to the untimely passing of his son, Derek ’07. John, together with Derek’s mother, Elaine, established the scholarship fund in their son’s honor and they were quickly joined by more than 100 relatives, friends, and colleagues.

“Your sponsorships have given us more than just a golden opportunity. They have given us an example to strive for in our own lives.” —Christian Chorba ’15, Boc scholarship recipient

This remarkable example of generosity—and the impact on students’ lives—exemplifies BC Law’s Jesuit ideal of men and women for others. It is a thread that runs through student and donor stories alike, and that fuels the extraordinary success of BC Law’s Light the World campaign. As the Law School surpasses its $50 million goal, it is noteworthy that more than $38 million raised to date is dedicated to financial aid for BC Law students.

The Law School has established sixteen named, endowed scholarship funds to date (these funds are created with gifts of $250,000 or more and each fund contributes a significant portion of a student’s aid package) and dozens of financial aid funds (established with gifts of $100,000 or more). Supporting students is at the core of the campaign’s mission. This annual gathering recognizes kindness and impressive achievements, both hallmarks of the BC Law community.

Though each student and donor has a unique story, they all share the common commitment of service to others. BC Law’s donors are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of students each year, as well as in the lives that these students will touch through their good work. As Chorba so aptly put it, “As our sponsors, you share in our successes and in the good works that we hope to accomplish. You have become part of our own stories.”

To see more Scholarship Dinner photos, go to www.bc.edu/lawscholarshipdinner.

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