Winter 2016

Notable Faculty Publications

Professor Daniel Kanstroom, in his ongoing efforts to raise public consciousness of US deportation laws, has co-authored The New Deportation Delirium: Interdisciplinary Responses (NYU Press, 2015) with Brinton Lykes of BC’s Lynch School of Education. The writers, both associate directors of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice, were recognized at a book launch in November.

Professor Mark Brodin, in his NYU Review of Law and Social Change article, “The Slow Demise of Race Preference,” concluded: “The Equal Protection Clause must be returned to its original design—the protection of minorities, not the white majority. Until the Court comes to its senses, any meaningful remedy for America’s long-standing sin of racism will be suspect….”

Professor Mary Ann Chirba, the 2015-2016 John C. Ford, SJ, Distinguished Scholar, added to her body of work about the Affordable Care Act with “Experts’ Emerging Issues Analysis: King v. Burwell—The Supreme Court Upholds Federal Subsidies for State and Federal Insurance Exchanges,” and the 4th regulatory update for “Health Care Reform: Law and Practice,” both with Alice A. Noble.

Professor James Repetti ’80, the William J. Kenealy, SJ, Chair at BC Law and a leading tax authority, is co-author of the Seventh Edition of Federal Wealth Transfer Taxation, a popular and widely cited 832-page book that includes over 300 problems designed to help students master material on relevant case law, legislation, regulations, rulings, and other administrative pronouncements.

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