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Paths to Success

Alumni find career satisfaction in unusual places.

Jenn Borggaard • AMG • October 21, 2014

Jennifer Borggaard ’96
Career: Based in Prides Crossing, she is senior vice president of Affiliated Managers Group (AMG), a global asset management firm that oversees $619 billion. Balancing Act: Supervises the thirty-plus investment boutiques in which AMG has a stake, and balances tax, legal, and accounting considerations to develop incentive structures to drive growth for the individual affiliate firms and for AMG. Wisdom: “If you are interested in taking on a broader role within your company or stepping outside of a law firm and into a business role, pay close attention to the needs of your clients. Think outside the narrow legal aspects of your role and consider the broad goals of your client or company.”


Marybeth Walsh Chung ’99
Moving On: After eight years as legal counsel with The Kraft Group, owner of the New England Patriots, among other entities, Chung opened her own corporate practice last March in Dover. Motivation: She was inspired by the solo practitioners who provided great service to The Kraft Group, which then became her firm’s first client. Advice: Reach out to former colleagues and BC Law alums who have made similar transitions. “The guidance and support I have received from other solo practitioners have been invaluable.”


Craig Coffey ’96
Climb Every Mountain: Co-founder of O2X, based in Hingham, which develops human performance programs for companies and organizes base-to-peak mountain challenge events. Transitions: After litigating with a large firm and designing estate plans with a boutique insurance firm, he decided that “security and financial rewards are not goals in and of themselves.” Latest Milestone: Qualifying for 2016 Boston Marathon with a time of 3:23. Perspective: His colleagues call him “chief anxiety officer,” but he’s learning that “the linear path isn’t always possible or even necessary.”


Sharon Hanson ’80
Follow the Leader: After serving as chief of staff to Ed Davis while he was commissioner of the Boston Police Department, she followed Davis into the private sector and became chief operating officer of his security company. Confidence: As a young prosecutor in the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, she learned “to trust my decisions and move forward instead of always looking back.” Secure Your Future: In the rapidly growing and changing fields of law enforcement and security, she says, there are many opportunities for those with law degrees.


James Laughlin ’77
Day Job: Works at investment banking firm Dominick & Dickerman. Calling: Through his church, he discovered Turkana, a former British outpost in Kenya. In 2003, he founded Friends of Turkana, which has provided more than $1 million to support sustainable agriculture. Parched: Turkana is a desperately dry region with virtually no infrastructure and little food or water. Hopeful: “It is fascinating to watch as pastoralists try to buck hundreds of years of tradition and deep cultural mores to begin a new tradition of farming—and it is very gratifying to help out.”


Will Sellers ’01
Strategy: A Georgia public affairs consultant, he works with nonprofits like Georgia Organics and the Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association on public policy and strategic initiatives. Connecting: He helps business leaders and public officials see both sides to ensure legislation is fair and fruitful. Delivery: Producing high-quality results is critical. “Reaching the desired outcome depends on having the right team, marshaling resources, and developing an engaging message that mobilizes supporters.”