Winter 2017

Notable Faculty Publications

Professor Katharine Young edited (with Kim Rubenstein) and wrote the introduction to The Public Law of Gender: From the Global to the Local. According to publisher Cambridge University Press, the writings suggest that the new public law of gender must confront the lapses in enforcement, sincerity, and coverage common in national and international law and governance.

Sanford Katz, the Darald and Juliet Libby Emeritus Professor, was recognized by nineteen eminent family law scholars in the Festschrift Family Law in Britain and America in the New Century: Essays in Honor of Sanford N. Katz. Edited by John Eekelaar and published by Brill, the volume includes an afterword by Katz and an article by BC Law Professor Kari Hong.

Professor Joseph Liu wrote “Notice, Failure, Fair Use, and the Limits of Property” in Boston University Law Review. He argues that the fair use doctrine imposes nearly insuperable informational burdens upon the general public regarding the scope of the property entitlement and the corresponding duty to avoid infringement, burdens that have increased with changes in technology.

Professor Mary Bilder published “The Myth of Edward Coke and the Virginia Charter” in North Carolina Law Review. She writes: “Magna Carta’s connection to the American constitutional tradition has been traced to Edward Coke’s insertion of English liberties in the 1606 Virginia Charter….This article recounts an alternative history of the origins of English liberties in American constitutionalism.”

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