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Faculty Scholarship

Faculty Milestones

Our scholars in the world.


New Prizes: Two new faculty prizes were established this year. The inaugural Faculty Prize for Excellence in Scholarship was awarded to Mary Sarah Bilder for Female Genius: Eliza Harriot and George Washington at the Dawn of the Constitution (University of Virginia Press, 2022). The inaugural Faculty Prize for Innovation in Pedagogy went to the team of faculty and students who launched the new 1L course “Critical Perspectives in Law and Professional Identity.” Faculty involved: Paulo Barrozo, Jessica Berry, Cheryl Bratt, Laurel Davis, Claire Donohue, Dan Farbman, Gerri Hines, Steve Koh, Alan Minuskin, Reena Parikh, Evangeline Sarda, Sandy Tarrant, Paul Tremblay, Daniela Urosa, Maureen Van Neste, Katharine Young. Students involved: Jessica Barbaria, Isabella Forcino, Vannessa Lawrence, Louise Lyall, Daniel McLaughlin, Adrián Santiago Ortiz, Osman Yasin.

Thinking Ahead: Retirement security scholar Natalya Shnitser spearheaded the interdisciplinary Retirement Research Seminar Series this past spring featuring notables Jean-Pierre Aubry (from the co-sponsoring Center for Retirement Research at BC), MIT’s Taha Choukhmane (finance), Texas A&M’s Joanna Lahey (public service and administration), and University of Michigan’s Dana Muir (business).

Smart Moves: Four faculty promotions were recently announced: Dan Farbman and Ryan Williams to associate professor with tenure; Dean Hashimoto and Brian Quinn to full professor. Patricia McCoy was named a fellow of the American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers. Joan Blum received a Fulbright Teaching/Research grant to continue her work at Tashkent State University of Law in Uzbekistan to strengthen the nation’s legal system. Nigerian scholar Cosmas Emeziem, who holds two advanced degrees from Cornell University, has joined BC Law as a Drinan Visiting Professor.

The Fourth Estate: Constitutional law professor Kent Greenfield has been quoted in top-tier news outlets on everything from the Supreme Court leaked Dobbs opinion draft to gun regulation and Sarah Palin’s failed New York Times defamation suit. Brian Quinn has become a go-to commentator on Elon Musk’s Twitter bid in outlets like Barron’s, the Associated Press, and The Guardian.