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Faculty Scholarship

Notable Faculty Publications

The latest writing of BC Law professors.


James Repetti, Diane Ring, and Stephen Shay co-authored the seventh edition of Introduction to United States International Taxation (Wolters Kluwer, 2022), described as “an outstanding reference work for the tax community that introduces the application of the US international taxation system to taxpayers investing or transacting business in the US” and elsewhere.

Paul Tremblay, with Alicia Alvarez, authored the second edition of Introduction to Transactional Lawyering Practice (West Academic, 2022). The publisher notes that the book is dedicated to the work of a full array of transactional clinics and serves as the basic introductory reading material for the seminar component of a law school transactional clinical course.

M. Cathleen Kaveny’s “Anger, Lamentation, and Common Ground” (Theological Studies, 2021) is described this way by Sage Journals: “This essay argues that the Catholic Common Ground initiative needs to shift focus to deal with the pervasiveness of anger among American Catholics…by developing liturgies of lamentation to address the…devastation from crises such as clergy sex abuse.”

Dean Hashimoto published four journal articles on Covid-related issues: high-risk allergy patients and symptoms after vaccination (JAMA Network Open 4); isolation rooms and healthcare worker infections (Clinical Infectious Diseases); daily hospital employee screening, and symptom monitoring in large healthcare systems (both in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology).