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In the Field

Paths to Success

Alumni find career satisfaction in diverse places.

Asha Santos ’07

Regional Reach: Recently promoted to Office Managing Shareholder, Santos heads the New England team at Littler, the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management. Defense and Prevention: “Our bread-and-butter is defending companies when they get sued for discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, and restrictive covenants. But I also see our role as advisors who are preventing lawsuits through our counseling and training.” Preemptive Investigation: “I regularly do workplace investigations, when companies engage me as a neutral investigator to look into employee complaints. These things follow trends—there was a huge uptick in sexual harassment complaints in 2018, with #MeToo. And the racial tension following George Floyd’s murder in 2020 led to lots of internal complaints of race-related bias.”

Rebecca Corcoran Swanson ’08

Switching Sides: After working for the city of Philadelphia for seven years, then as the executive director of a county redevelopment authority, in May 2023 she joined the government relations practice group at Kleinbard LLC. Solutions Central: “We’re here to help problem-solve, provide support and guidance, and come up with real-life solutions for our clients. It’s rewarding to help them overcome challenges, especially when they’re doing something meaningful, like bringing in new types of mental health services or creating real estate development to benefit the surrounding community.” Full Circle: “What really governs people’s lives on a day-to-day basis is decisions made by municipal government. It was fascinating being on that side, and now it’s very satisfying to help clients from the other side.”  

Alex Chai ’14

Behind the Screen A move to Netflix in March 2022 from his former role as Software Products Counsel at Apple landed Chai right at “the intersection of emerging technology and entertainment.” All-seeing: As Counsel for Visual Effects (VFX) and Virtual Production, he and his team support the Netflix studio in securing VFX resources worldwide in a highly competitive market. A key element has been the success of NetFX, Netflix’s in-house VFX studio. “NetFX has really become a trusted resource for our productions; it has grown immensely.” Showtime: “The Netflix title I’ve been most involved with is the recently released Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, which was largely supported by NetFX. It’s been rewarding to watch the film and see it all come together.”

Marcus Nemeth ’19

Fast Pace: A fifth-year associate in Ropes & Gray’s Manhattan office and a member of the firm’s private capital transactions group, he thrives on the challenges of private mergers and acquisitions. “The thing I enjoy most about transactional law is that both sides are working towards a shared end. It’s not an adversarial process. When a deal is over, everyone is exuberant and wants to take you out for a drink.” High Contrast: “When my deal traffic slows down, I can dive into my pro bono work. I frequently work on asylum cases and represent low-income clients in family court regarding divorce and custodial issues.” It allows him to give back to the community.