Winter 2015

Paths to Success

BCWin15_D_InTheField_03Steve Adelman ’94
Discovery: The founder of Adelman Law Group in Scottsdale, Arizona, was litigating a crowd disaster case when he found his niche advocating for safety at stadiums and arenas. Today, he works with venue managers, security directors, event promoters, and outside vendors on operational issues. Practice: “I deal with sports and entertainment. I go places outsiders never see. The only downside is that it’s hard to enjoy shows like a fan because I’m always thinking about risk.” Advice: “When you find something interesting, become an expert so you can do more of it.”

BCWin15_D_InTheField_04Wendy Weber Falvey ’94
Career:Personal stylist and senior partner with J. Hilburn Men’s Clothier, Falvey works one-on-one with attorneys and executives in finance and medicine to help them look their best. The Trajectory: Her career path took all sorts of twists and turns, from commercial real estate attorney to yoga teacher to women’s fashion retailer. A client suggested she look into the J. Hilburn brand, and when she discovered how direct men were about their clothing tastes, she “never looked back.” Advice: “Have faith that if you follow your gut and your heart, it will all work out.”

BCWin15_D_InTheField_05Harold Hinds ’13
The Big Switch: Found his job as legal director for the Northeast Charter Schools Network in Albany, New York, after realizing that commercial litigation wasn’t for him. Satisfaction: He works on issues that matter to him, primarily access to quality education. Advice: “Cast a wide net both geographically and in fields of law. Private practice turned out not to be the best fit for me, but because of that experience I gained great skills that played a role in my current opportunity.”

BCWin15_D_InTheField_06Jonathan Lee ’88
New Frontier: After almost twenty years as a tax attorney and financial advisor in the US, Lee found his new calling as China director with Evergreen. It brings together Christian professionals from many countries to work alongside local Chinese partners to enhance regional economic and spiritual development in medicine, business incubation, orphan care, and more. Satisfaction: Seeing lives transformed through Evergreen’s work and having a spiritual impact on communities and the local church. Advice: “Wherever you are, be all there.”

BCWin15_D_InTheField_07Liz Lopez ’00
On the Rise: In November, Lopez was appointed executive vice president of Public Policy for Opportunity Finance Network, the national organization of community development financial institutions (CDFIs), after serving as a high-profile government relations advisor with Barnes & Thornburg. What She Does: Based in Washington, DC, Lopez advocates before Congress on issues that have an impact on CDFIs. Lessons: “I am continuously learning new things, from bond acquisitions to Bikram yoga.” Wisdom: “A law degree can lead you to different career pathways if you’re willing to explore.”

BCWin15_D_InTheField_08Tommy Shi ’89
Career: Diversity and inclusion officer, Mercedes-Benz USA, based in the New York area. On the Job: Uses corporate resources to support organizations committed to improving their communities, whether it is an organization championing diversity and inclusion through mentoring students to enter engineering, finance, or law or organizations using sports for social change. Wisdom: “No matter how daunting or challenging the task, break it down and just start making progress.” Advice: “Don’t turn down an opportunity because you are unsure about it or you think you won’t like it; it may end up being a pivotal experience in determining what is important to you.”

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