Winter 2018

Getting In

In a fast-paced world in which narratives seem to recede behind the bullying force of nonstop news, social media snippets, and insta-images, there’s a certain pleasure to be derived from the deep breath of a thoughtful essay.

The admission statements of five new BC Law 1Ls provide that respite.

In their endeavors to present who they are, the then-prospective students looked soulfully into their personal histories at the people and experiences that shaped them and then at how those elements coalesced into a desire to study the law. The process exposed painful memories, but—as writing often does—it also revealed unexpected insights and the delights of self-discovery.

Thus, in this second reprise of a BC Law Magazine feature introducing members of an incoming class, the students write about the ostracism of being a child in a foreign land—or even in a new school. One speaks of being influenced by revolutionary-minded grandparents. Another tells of postponing adulthood by accepting a fairytale job. Each, in one way or another, tells the story of finding one’s own voice and then using that voice to help others.

Regardless of their disparate journeys, they all, in the end, arrived at the doorstep of Boston College Law School. Collectively, they say a lot about the Class of 2020.

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